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Expoarroz 2015 exceeds expectations of the public and business

In four days of the fair, there were 16,321 visitors, buyers from more than ten countries in the Business Rounds, 4,500 participants in the Food Security Forum and more than one hundred exhibitors in 22,000 square meters of event. The … Continue reading
Company with 90 years of tradition in the market participates in the Expoarroz

Within the celebrations of its 90 years, the full Zaccaria machinery industry presence in three of the four editions of Expoarroz. The natural company of Limeira, São Paulo, develops line of the latest equipment for rice processing processes, beans, corn … Continue reading

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Henrique Dornelles – President of Federarroz

“It’s a very fair focused on the commercial aspect that interests us very much the producer level, but also as an entity, as already the name speaks for export, which is something we’ve been working very intensively in order to … Continue reading

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